Meet the Team

As they say, it takes a village. This is our current active coach roster. Although there are even more certified coaches here at James River taking a hiatus for school or work that still may be an extra set of eyes in your class.

About JRCF

Don’t be fooled. CrossFit is HARD! Here at James River CrossFit, we will push the physical limits that you did not know that you had; push you to be your absolute best. Get it done quickly and safely is the ultimate goal. We have taken what works in the most efficient manner to make better athletes and eliminated what doesn’t.
A group atmosphere, community relationship and motivation from your peers and trainers is what you can expect at James River CrossFit!

We are committed to helping you change your everyday lifestyle and assist in bridging the community together. Our goals and lifestyle extend far beyond the time spent at our facility. Stop by and see what CrossFit is all about. We’d love to have you as a part of our team.

Gaela Stromberg

Owner/Head Coach
L1, L2, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics,
USAW 1 & 2


Evelyn Reece

Coach – L1

Katie Jamrozy
Coach – L1


Lisa MacPherson Giudice






Brandon Coates

Coach – L1



Kyle Palentino

Coach – L1


Next Steps

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