FRIDAY 190726
615, 9, 10 & noon Coach Gaela
430 & 530 Coach Kyle

DU practice -during warmup
3 sets X 50% PR from the other day resting 30 seconds between sets

Running from Holley
For Time:
Run 800m
15 Rounds:
5 BXJ 24/20
3 Burpees
1 Power Clean 185/135


*Time CAP: 35min.

Pre WOD: Mobility for upper body
Looks like today we have 1 heck of a monster mash. Lets prep for this one so we can maximise our chances of success. Lots of upper back mobility and front rack mobility will be required today ! Lets get into it:
1. Lats!! LAX ball right into those lats working from just behind the armpit all the way down to rib line! move those arms around OH a little bit to. 20 minutes each side
2. Wrist stretch: whole video
3. Shoulder ER’s: 2 minutes
4. Thoracic Wall rotations: 10 each side
5. Spend 2 minutes in the bottom of a squat

Stength MASH
10x Barbell Thruster @25/35kg + Max Burpee Over Bar

Rest 60 Seconds

Find Heavy Clean & Jerk

Rest 60 Seconds

5x Devils press @2×15/22.5kg + Max DB Thruster

Ax5; Build
A1. Front Squat x5; 31×1
A2. Strict Ring Muscle Up x max reps [or Strict Pull Up/Strict Dip]

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