MONDAY 191118
545 Coach Gaela, 9, 10, Noon Coach Lisa
430 Coach Katie, 530 & 630 Coach Kyle

Hang Power Clean (0-12min.)
5 Reps EMOM x 4min.
3 Reps EMOM x 4min.
1 Reps EMOM x 4min.
*Climbing weight as you feel. Eventually get to something near max.

Immediately after last rep;

Deadlift (12-22min.)
5 reps EMOM x 10min.
*Climb as you feel again. Keep 5 reps the whole time.

AMRAP 10: (25-35min.)
10 Pullups
10 Cal Assault Bike

Keeping you guys moving today! Here’s a few tweaks you can add to spice it up…

1.) Need more work on you OLY technique? Do 5s the whole time on section 1.

2.) More booty gains? Add a 45lb plate deficit for the deadlifts

3.) More core work? Swap out the Asaault Bike for 10 cal ski

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