TUESDAY 191119
6, 9, 10 & noon Coach Gaela
430 Coach Gaela, 530 & 630 Coach Katie

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Bench presses 185/125
Squat cleans 135/95

Oof! Elizabeth and Linda met, fought, and this nasty piece came out as a result. Like both of those benchmarks, this is a stamina piece, not a strength one. The structure is there to aid you in keeping the intensity up. You want to be riding that wave where the muscle is about to give up but never does. The loads are moderate for both movements. For both choose something you could cycle for a set of eleven+ repetitions when fresh if you were to go for it. This should become acidic and burny. But it should not be a long grind. We want you closer to the 11-minute mark than to the 13.

Athletes entirely new for the squat clean, can change the movement to a front squat so that the complexity of the lift does not get in the way of the conditioning. Having an excellent front squat is the best thing you can do to learn a squat clean, remember that!

Today is an excellent day to push the limits a little. Flirt with that muscle fatigue, but never fully get to it. Ride the acid wave!

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