TUESDAY 191104 -get out there and vote!
6 Coach Gaela, 9, 10 & noon Coach Lisa
430 Coach Gaela, 530 & 630 Coach Kyle

Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2
Deadlift for load:
#1: 10 reps
#2: 8 reps
#3: 6 reps
#4: 4 reps
#5: 2 reps

This one is going to get so sweaty. You never expect these ones to get your heart rate up and your lungs going, yet they do. No matter if you are a proficient deadlifter or if you are a beginner, your task is the same: to keep adding weight while mechanics are 👌. Today every set is heavy! Now if your back rounds or your butt shoots up to the sky, that’s your body telling you: “you’ve made it, no need to keep going up.” That is it. If you find weight that is challenging your form early on, just deload to the previous weight and do the rest of your sets at that weight and at that number of reps. LIFT HEAVY!

After DL practice SLIPS fro 15-20 min
(Scales, L-sits, Inversion (handstands), Planks, and Stretching)

Today is simple. Do the following with your mouth completely shut and breathing only through your nose.

3 sets without rest or breaks -watch the videos
20 seconds front scale per side
20 seconds back scale per side


3 sets
Max L-Sit hold in the implement of your choice -parallettes, boxes, hanging from bar, rings, etc


3 sets
Max handstand hold in the variation you find the most challenging -box, wall, freestanding, etc


3 sets without rests or breaks
20 seconds mixed plank on the right hand and left leg
20 seconds mixed plank on the left hand and right leg


2 minutes per side of each
Elevated pigeon
Couch stretch
Chest opener
Banded distraction shoulder stretch


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