6-7 Coach Gaela, 9-1130 Coach Gaela
430-730 Coach Gaela

5 rounds for time of:
21 BSQ 135/95 (from the floor)
1 legless rope climb

The load on the squats is meant to be light so these can be performed fast and so that strength is never an issue. The number of repetitions is high so that your muscle and cardiovascular endurance will be greatly challenged. Similarly, there is only one legless rope climb per set, so this movement provides a break between the sets of squats while allowing you to keep moving. This will become acidic and metabolic pretty fast -i.e. sweaty and burny 😬. Choose a light load for you, so that this is a fast workout. Choose a modification of the rope climb that preserves the pulling stamina piece but also the speed. This workout should be closer to 10 minutes than to 15.

Today mix and match your options!
.SCALED OPTIONS for Back Squats
OPTION 1: 21 reps at 115/80 or 18 reps at 135/95
OPTION 2: 21 reps at 100/70 or 15 reps at 135/95
OPTION 3: 21 reps at 85/60 or 13 reps at 135/95

SCALED OPTIONS for Rope Climbs
OPTION 1: 75% up legless rope climb or 5 rope stand up/downs
OPTION 2: leg-assisted rope climb or rope stand up/downs

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